Nitescapes Of Knoxville

Outdoor and Landscape Lighting

Outdoor Lighting

  Landscape Lighting has many benefits...

  •   Increase the value and appeal of your property
  •   Create an inviting, safe entrance to your home
  •   Add comfort and security to your home and its surroundings
  •   Enjoy your outdoor space by making it more usable and safe
  •   Bring life to your landscaping and enjoy it into the evening hours 
  •   Highlight special features and focal points throughout your property or landscape



With the variety of fixtures and accessories, Low Voltage is a versatile lighting system that can be specifically designed for...

  •  Outdoor living spaces
  •   Pools and decks
  •   Landscaping and water features
  •   Playground areas
  •   Walk and pathways

 We use different techniques for a custom design...

  •   Wall washing
  •   Uplighting and downlighting
  •   Focal point
  •   Cross lighting
  •   Backlighting and shadowing
  •   Safety and path lighting 
  •    Zone Lighting
  •    Filters for seasonal color