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Lamp Post Replacement and Installation

  Nitescapes recently added Low voltage Lamp Post replacement and installation.  We offer a wide variety of fixtures and finishes for Low Voltage lamp post tops.  If you have a lighting system we can easily add a lamp post or top for you and connect it to the existing transformer.  Our lamp posts carry a one year warranty and are available with lamps up to 65 Watts.  These post tops are a great alternative to gas or regular line voltage tops which can be expensive and unreliable.  Let us install a lamp post to compliment your existing system or replace that rusty, worn out post that hasn't been used for years.

   Below are images of a recent replacement we did for a customer along with a new system.  The lamp post was originally a gas fixture, so we were able to use the existing post and replace it with a craftsmen style top.  The finsihed product is a beaming new post top which compliments the home and the other fixtures as well.