Nitescapes Of Knoxville

Outdoor and Landscape Lighting


 With the variety of fixtures and accessories, Low Voltage is a versatile lighting system that can be specifically designed for...

  •  Outdoor living spaces
  •   Pools and decks
  •   Landscaping and water features
  •   Playground areas
  •   Walk and pathways

 We use different techniques for a custom design...

  •   Wall washing
  •   Uplighting and downlighting
  •   Focal point
  •   Cross lighting
  •   Backlighting and shadowing
  •   Safety and path lighting 
  •    Zone Lighting
  •   Filters for seasonal color
  •   Gutter mounts for dormer lighting


 By using the proper techniques and fixtures, we can create a distinct, unique setting for your home.  Whether you want to make your outdoor space more usable or create a safe, more secure entrance to your home, we can achieve it by installing a system designed specifically for you.  We use effects like shadowing and accent lighting to enhance the features of your home and to highlight the colors and textures of the plant material in your landscaping.  Balance and quality of light are also considered when we design your system, this ensures that the effects will draw you to the property and add comfort and security.  Let us install a system that will allow you to enjoy your home into the evening hours and create an inviting, appealing atmosphere.